Wade Gotwals

Flight School

Hometown: Chicago, USA
Current Town: Chicago, USA
Yoga Styles: Ashtanga | Thai Yoga | Vinyasa Flow

Website: wadeyoga.com
Instagram: @wadeyoga

Wade –Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Thai Yoga.

As a traveling yogi, Wade is known for his innovative approach and inspirational teachings. He creates a sense of community with heart and humor and challenges students to reach their potential during his uniquely sequenced Vinyasa classes.

Wade’s teaching philosophy follows the Advaitic principles of oneness to create a sense of connection and community. His teaching style, derived from inspirations from Dharma Mittra and Rusty Wells, along with his certifications in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Thai, Intuitive Massage, and Touch for Health help him to inspire and energise others and keeps his passion and love of yoga alive.

What’s your story? I​’​ve always had a sense of adventure and I love to explore​. At first it was countries, cultures and expeditions as far away from home as possible. ​Now, fast forward to the present​: ​I still have the exploring nature, but its on a more subtle level​. What intrigues me ​now is discovering people’s unique characteristics, their ​ener​gies and how we ​all ​connect to ​one another and nature​!

Yoga is…the path of uncovering who you really are! Peeling the layers away with asana​, ​pranayama, meditation and bhakti​, ​we get a little closer to ​our ​true authentic se​lves! ​

Biggest challenge when teaching or practicing… Is letting go of the idea that we have to achieve something or have a specific goal with our practice, but instead try to develop a deep sense of listening to what is needed in that moment, on that day, regardless of what was envisioned.

Words of wisdom…we are not the thoughts in our mind, we are the observer of the thoughts​,​ so let​’s​ not take this too seriously….we need more ​lightness, ​laught​er and authentic interactions… are you ready to initiate them?

If you were a song, you would be….‘Follow the Sun’ by Xavier Rudd.