Nico Luce

Awaken the Warrior Within

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Yoga Styles: Anusara | Power Vinyasa

Instagram: @nicoluceyoga

Nico Luce – Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara, Yin & Pilates.

Nico has been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade and has trained in various lineages. He is a devoted student of eastern philosophy and spirituality, which he weaves into his classes. Bringing meaning to the practice and attention to refined bio-mechanics are at the heart of his teachings.

He currently lives in Switzerland from where he travels internationally teaching workshops, retreats and teacher trainings and regularly produces instructional videos for


What’s your story? My story is just like any other story, with both joys and pains, with moments of intense happiness and others of deep suffering. Nothing special, just another story. Instead I want to tell you what I learned from these events in my story, the teachings that they left behind, because in the end that’s all that matters. Life has taught me that everything passes, that each moment is unique and precious, that the meaning of life is being alive. I’ve also learned that life is not something that happens to us, we are part of life and in that way we have the capacity to concrete, to be able to flow together.

Yoga is… Nothing should be said after the three dots. Yoga is… (silence) That’s the closest we can get to the essence of this amazing practice, yoga is!

Biggest challenge when teaching or practicing? When practicing the biggest challenge is not to get in the way of my practice, not to interfere with the flow, not to think it too much or try to manipulate it.

When teaching the biggest challenge is not to say too much, not to go on for two more hours when the fire has been ignited and is burning inside the students, and not to shake the students when they insist they are not capable of facing their fears, even without trying.

Words of wisdom… Do your best, everyday, no matter what.

If I were a song… I would like to be: Hymn of Ascension, by Christopher Dawes