Adam Husler

Ninja Hips

Yoga Styles: Budokon | Dynamic Vinyasa

Instagram: @@adamhusler
Adam– 500hr RYT, Dynamic Vinyasa & Budokon.
With experience in the boxing ring, on ultra marathon routes, studying law and with 9 years of having a yoga mat in hand, Adam brings a unique perspective to his yoga teaching.
His love of anatomy has lead him to specialise in Alignment Based Vinyasa Yoga, studying at an advanced level under Jason Crandell. Adam has also had the pleasure of studying intensively under Budokon Yoga Founder Cameron Shayne and renowned meditation teacher Michael Stone, both of whom have hugely inspired his current teaching method.

Adam’s creatively sequenced classes feature long holds, controlled yet dynamic movements, intelligent alignment and deep exploration of depth in postures. They’re also dogma free!

What’s your story? In the midst of my legal training, about 9 years ago, where I spent the majority of my free time in a boxing gym, I started to have a ‘play’ with the yoga world as I needed something to help my increasingly tight body and mind escape from all of the mental stresses of university life…including the hangovers!. On a physical level, I came to discover that a regular yoga practice was real medicine for a body that spent 2 hours a day punching things. Alongside that, the more meditative and mindful aspects of the practice began to assist me at a time that was unstable and uncertain for a whole load of reasons. Over time an occasional practice turned into an almost daily one and the rest is history. (…) I became a full time yoga teacher and have since been lucky enough to teach in some of London’s top studios, as well as internationally and online.

Why yoga?  Firstly, teaching yoga is how I pay my rent, for my coffee and for my chia seeds, of course! Secondly, it’s the thing that keeps me sane, keeps me happy and keeps me mobile. I’ve been bigger and stronger in the past. I´ve probably been fitter too, but for me a yoga practice is all about self control/self regulation of your body, mind and breath; most commonly found, in the West at least, in the context of a physical practice. It doesn’t need to be flamboyant, it definitely doesn’t need to be contortion or acrobatics, its just exploring the physical layers of yourself in order to get to the deeper bits! There is no winning or loosing and there is no objective success that can be achieved. For me it is just a chance for self exploration, mainly in the context of a physical practice and there are few other times or spaces that I get that opportunity.

A song that inspires you or current playlist…  (…) I tend to play chilled out piano or electric music that you barley know is there; Einaudi, Eluvium, Nils Frahm. In my own time, Australian singer Matt Corby and the legend of Nick Drake are the most frequent noises coming out of my headphones.

Best / worst yoga moments? As a student the worst moment was when I smashed some eggs in my bag on the way to class in a hot yoga studio. The eggs went all over my shorts but I decided that a quick wash in the showers would fix the problem and all would be fine… it wasn’t. 10 minutes into class the heat and humidity was making that egg smell spread and I was borderline about to vomit. I still feel truly sorry for everyone in the room at the time…

I’ve been fortunate enough to teach and practice in some beautiful places and incredible events all over the world, but the best moments for me, and the one that never gets old, is being able to take people through an unrushed, guided seated practice followed by a long savasana in a beautiful space; ideally candlelit!